Ethemia ~ On filling a weekend

How to fill one weekend in summer. Begin on a Saturday morning with a Special Sofa Session. Every Sofa session is so different and incredibly intimate. We feel so blessed to meet exceptional people, it is such a humbling experience.

Then in the afternoon rush to a location in Worcester filming some of our songs in a quirky Campervan. This unique experience is called The Pumpkin Sessions with Dave & Andy Webber. We met Dave a couple of years ago when we appeared on his radio show. This is going to be great fun!

Later in the evening perform at The White Hart, Calne, Wiltshire This is an amazing place with an awesome vibe (usually packed to the gunnels) run by a couple dedicated to live music.

Then Sunday morning travel to London to perform at the City Summer Festival. Then to finish just call in to the White Kitchen our favourite Pitza place in Camden High Street. Then home in the early hours to bed.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Big Love & Ethemia Hugs from us both,

Michaela & Berny xxxx

London Bridge Summer Fest Poster 2016 copy