‘Common Ground’ Official Cover Artwork (The story behind the image)

We are thrilled to reveal our official cover artwork for our EP ‘Common Ground’. Created by a truly talented and wonderful artist called Sean Nolan. The story that lies behind Sean’s genius artwork captures a beautiful tale; one that seems beyond us all and one that was based on an incredible tarot reading – a reading which is coming true with every step ( See below).

‘Common Ground’ is the very life-blood that connects Ethemia to everyone. The Artist Sean included in this powerful image all the meaning and depth offered by the tarot. An image that includes a very special oak tree and meeting place that Michaela’s niece Maisie pointed out as her special place before she died. It’s where we think of her and where we have hung messages to her. She continues to stay with us in our hearts and through ‘Common Ground’ keeps us connected to all. We cannot thank Sean enough for his creation that continues to touch us so much and carries a truth along with the magic of unbreakable relationships.

In all we do and share we have found the most wonderful ‘Common Ground’. We hope you will enjoy the music our EP brings to you. Each song produced by another wonderful and talented  man (The figure on left of illustration) Damon Sawyer, who helped to build every block through shear hard work and the sharing of tears. Along with Crescent Records we give you ‘Common Ground’. Should you wish to use Sean Nolan’s talents then (CLICK HIS WEBSITE).


When artist Sean Nolan was given a brief to create an EP cover for Cirencester duo Ethemia, he was stunned by the story.

Berny of Ethemia had been offered a personal tarot reading. As the cards were shuffled one fell on the floor face down’. He was then asked if he wanted to include this card in the reading. Ethemia’s first album was called ‘Quirk of Fate’, so he trusted it would be right. Sure enough the face down card turned out to be a ‘Queen’, highly energetic and not prone to shy away from a challenge. ‘This description perfectly fitted Michaela my musical partner,’ smiled Berny. So it appeared the tarot reading was for Ethemia.

The main card chosen was the ‘Three of Pentacles’ (See illustration above). This picture depicted a man and a woman in robes holding the plans of a spiritual cathedral and they were its architects. This represented the adversity that had been overcome by sincerity, integrity, determination and love. Ethemia in their song-writing are known for their ability to tackle the more painful and darker sides of the human condition, but their songs always carry love and hope.

In fact the tree in the centre of the picture is known as the ‘Maisie Tree’ in memory of Michaela’s young niece who died of cancer. ‘It is a true likeness of her special tree’, said Michaela. ‘My niece had conveyed should we ever need to be close to her after her death, we should sit beside it.’ The spiritual side of Ethemia cannot be denied.

‘The main tarot card also depicted a third person. A stone mason standing on a bench and holding a mallet and chisel. His skill made sure each block was cut perfectly. Both Michaela and Berny named this third person instantly. It was Damon Sawyer their producer, who for 18 months had taken the building blocks of their songs and helped them hone them into something greater. The tarot reading had emphasised that total commitment and being on the same page would turn dream into reality. Their EP now finished is aptly named ‘Common Ground’. So as predicted Ethemia go from strength to strength. Now signed to Crescent Records and their EP released. ‘Common Ground’, added Berny, ‘is the very life-blood that connects Ethemia to everyone.’