Ethemia ~ On filling a weekend

How to fill one weekend in summer. Begin on a Saturday morning with a Special Sofa Session. Every Sofa session is so different and incredibly intimate. We feel so blessed to meet exceptional people, it is such a humbling experience.

Then in the afternoon rush to a location in Worcester filming some of our songs in a quirky Campervan. This unique experience is called The Pumpkin Sessions with Dave & Andy Webber. We met Dave a couple of years ago when we appeared on his radio show. This is going to be great fun!

Later in the evening perform at The White Hart, Calne, Wiltshire This is an amazing place with an awesome vibe (usually packed to the gunnels) run by a couple dedicated to live music.

Then Sunday morning travel to London to perform at the City Summer Festival. Then to finish just call in to the White Kitchen our favourite Pitza place in Camden High Street. Then home in the early hours to bed.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Big Love & Ethemia Hugs from us both,

Michaela & Berny xxxx

London Bridge Summer Fest Poster 2016 copy



This week has been full of surprises!

When you ask the universe for something it really does offer it in the most mysterious ways.  While recording a special song on our album, our music producer Damon wanted that something extra from us. Something he knew we could attain. Like magic, within days, the right person appeared.

We are now working with the most amazing woman called Kate, an experienced performer and vocal coach. Not only did she enable us to achieve exactly what we and Damon needed for that track, but she refused to charge us a fee – yet again another ‘transaction of the souls’ has occurred.  We cannot believe how blessed we are on this journey – thank you Kate xx

Kate Hicks -Beach Vocal Coach

March Gig Dates

Spring has sprung and we’re back on the road doing what we love most! Performing Live!

Its wonderful to be back gigging after what feels like a quieter period….even though we’ve been working behind the scenes, writing new songs and experiencing an intense time recording our next album. Our music producer, Damon is working magic! Exciting times ahead 🙂

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love & Ethemia Hugs

Michaela & Berny xxxx

Photograph Courtesy of Eric Hobson Photography.

Ethemia Live on BBC Radio Gloucestershire 1st September 2015

We chatted to Dominic Cotter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire about our experience at performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival when we supported Paul Thompson ‘Floating to the Fringe Tour’. We chat about how this was one of our quirkiest gigs to date performing with a milk float 🙂

You can listen to our interview on BBC iplayer on the link.

.We are on 1hr 14 mins. Hope you enjoy the interview 🙂

Thank you BBC Radio Gloucestershire for having us on! A pleasure as always to chat to you.

Michaela & Berny xx

Ethemia performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 20th, 21st & 22nd August 2015

We can’t believe that tomorrow we are heading to perform in Edinburgh at the biggest Arts Festival in the World!!! We’re performing at The Edinburgh Fringe…WOW!

Berny and I are supporting Paul Thompson’s ‘Floating to the Fringe Tour’. You won’t miss us because we are performing on his ‘milk float’… how quirky is that!! We love quirky!

You can catch us and Paul Thompson performing daily on George Street ( yes the same street as the Assembly Rooms). We’re on 5-6pm daily ( August 20th, 21st & 22nd) prior to Paul performing at 6-7pm. Hope to see some of you 🙂

Its going to be a BLAST! So exciting… Edinburgh we’re going to Ethemianise you 🙂

Have a great week, we’ll post photos of our adventures at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Love & Hugs

Michaela & Berny xxxxx

Ethemia Live August Dates 2015

We have been having an exciting month meeting some amazing people. Our Ethemia team is growing… We are excited to announce that we have an amazing artist/Illustrator named Brian and an incredible photographer called Nikoletta who have just joined the Ethemia team…..We’re over the moon and totally blessed to have these two incredibly talented people working with us.

Berny and I have also been working really hard recording our next album. Our incredible producer Damon is working us to the max!!! We love it!

August, so far has been fantastic. We had an incredible welcome at Sidmouth Folk Festival. Next week we head to Edinburgh to perform at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we will be performing on 20th, 21st and 22nd August supporting Paul Thompson. You can catch us daily performing in George Street between 5-6pm. We can’t wait to be there soaking up the buzz, creativity and diversity of the largest Arts Festival in the World… YAY!!!.

Here is a list of our Live dates throughout August, It would be fantastic to see you at one of them!

Love & Ethemia Hugs

Michaela & Berny xxxx

Ethemia House Concerts

A Unique Musical Expereince & No Upfront Fee.

Would you enjoy an evening of live music in the comfort of your own home?

Perfect for friends and family get together. Ideal for Birthday’s, an Anniversary or Special Ocassion.

We will come and perform our acoustic music in your home to you, your friends and family. All we ask is that you pass a hat around for donations.

If you are a music lover and would love to host an Ethemia House Concert then please get in touch by emailing us:

We look foward to performing in your home to you & your friends/family sometime soon 🙂


Love & Ethemia Hugs

Michaela & Berny xxx


Ethemia on BBC Introducing in the West ~ Sat 11th July 2015

How do we prepare for gigs? Listen to this feature by John Oldham @ BBC Introducing on Saturday 11th July 2015 to find out how we prepare for our gigs. Click on the link to hear this interview on Demand. We’re on 36:45 mins in.

Huge Thanks to John Oldham for this interview. Thanks BBC Introducing team for your continued support for unsigned music.