Ethemia 2nd Album Funded by Business Angels

We couldn’t work out how we were ever going to have enough money to play to record our 2nd Album ( Our 3rd one is already half written). Like everyone else we looked at Crowd Funding and other social media funding sites but so many bands are asking for help and its never as straightforward as you think. ¬†We believed that somehow it would happen. Then we received a message from someone who loves our music and totally believes in us. We were invited to dinner in Birmingham and over dinner we these two amazing ‘Business Angels’ offered us the entire funding for our 2nd album. When as asked what they wanted in return, their response was;

“call it a transaction of the souls. We don’t want anything in return”.

We both cried and couldn;t believe it, but its true. When you ask the universe for something and you give in this world. The Universe gives you all you need.

We feel so blessed and we are now back recording our 2nd Album entitled ‘Pure Intention’. ¬†PREFECT! xxxx