Introducing you to our Producer Damon Sawyer

Damon throughout his career ( both as a drummer and producer) has worked with the likes of Paul Rodgers, Hundred Seventy Split, Ben E King, Paul Jones, Pee Wee Ellis, Bernie Marsden, Marmalade and legends such as Mike Vernon, Leo Lyons and Chris Porter.

To us Damon truly is a legend, not just as a producer, but as a person. He has mentored us, upping our game in performance and production. His passion and skill for milking every drop of creative juice from artist and song is second to none. “It is not perfection that captures the feeling that songs project”, he says, “but sincerity, and you guys have oodles of it”.

Damon’s extensive experience has brought him into contact with incredible musicians. He knew immediately who to bring in as sessional musicians to record our EP.

We’ll be introducing you to all the sessional musicians from now until our EP is released xxx