Common Ground – EP


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” Common Ground is the very life-blood that connects Ethemia to everyone.”

Ethemia’s eagerly anticipated EP ‘Common Ground’ was recorded and mastered by producer Damon Sawyer in DSD (a Hi-definition format used by the London Philharmonic Orchestra) because it captures the subtle nuances of music and emotion. Acoustic Duo Ethemia aka Berny Poulton and Michaela Mott are known for tackling and conveying with sincerity the difficult, painful and sometimes darker side of relationships and the human condition. ‘Real Love’ the official single and first track of this four track EP does exactly that.

The production on this EP is a step away from ‘Quirk of Fate’ their first album, not because of its content, but because each song has a fuller sound without losing its heart or essence. With guests on the EP such as drummer Geoff Dunn of Van Morrison and Procol Harum fame, class and subtlety is assured. The four tracks: 1. Real Love 2. Changing Patterns 3. Let it Rain 4. Love Crime, whilst all dynamically different carry the same strong sonic integrity. The poetic message of the lyrics are cautionary, but always offer hope. Add to this the fragile vocals of Berny with the strong melodic vocals of Michaela entwined in harmony, counterpoint and solo and you have a sublime, heartfelt musical feast that is being described as ‘Epic Pop’.

It should be noted that whilst it has been recorded in DSD, it has been mastered down to a standard CD format. The quality of the recording though speaks for itself. The Hi- Format raw DSD files are to be released later with all their tonal and sonic magnificence.

Common Ground is released by Crescent Records and recorded at CrescentRecord Studios.