Reflections Of Our Recent Ethemia Special Sofa Session

As many of you know, Berny and I (Ethemia) offer ‘Special Sofa Sessions’. These sessions consist of 30/40 minute acoustic set ( Free of charge) to people unable to make live music gigs due to illness or disability. We have performed to people suffering with cancer, chronic illnesses, elderly people and young people in their own homes, residential care, hospitals and hospice’s.

Last Friday 10th June 2016 we had the privilege of performing a Special Sofa Session to some amazing young people living in a residential home in Gloucester.

These young people had differing disabilities but, their love for life, for each other and live music was electric. Their hearts were on fire during our performance, their smiles, their singing and dancing was contagious.  We felt so blessed to share our music with them all. To see them all light up throughout our music is something we will never forget.

“There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more”. ~ Robert M. Hensel

We all have the opportunity to live our lives with a heart on fire. The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage, no disability can steal that away. The amount of love and joy they shared was so beautiful, we felt incredibly emotional. In a world that is sometimes full of darkness, we entered into a light that shone so brightly. Into a world of love and inclusion, where everyone benefits because Love has no language and no limits, it transcends all barriers.

Loads of Love & Ethemia Hugs to you all,

Michaela & Berny xxxx


Ethemia’s Weekend Ahead

We have a packed weekend of gigs lined up beginning tonight (Friday 10th June) with a Special Sofa Sessions. Every Sofa session is so different and incredibly intimate. We feel so blessed to meet exceptional people, it is such a humbling experience. Tonight we are performing to young people in a residential care home.

Early tomorrow morning ( Saturday 11th June) we will be at a location in Worcester  filming some of our songs in a quirky Campervan. This unique experience is called The Pumpkin Sessions with Dave & Andy Webber. We met Dave late last year when we appeared on his radio show. This is going to be great fun!

Later Saturday evening we are performing at The White Hart, Calne Wiltshire 9.00pm. This is an amazing place with an awesome vibe run by the lovely David and Rebecca Leaning. Their love for live music is incredible.

Sunday morning (12th June) we travel to London to perform at London Bridge City Summer Festival.  Any of our friends and followers in the London area can catch us performing at Hays Galleria at 1:45pm – 2:30pm.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Big Love & Ethemia Hugs from us both,

Michaela & Berny x

London Bridge Summer Fest Poster 2016 copy



This week has been full of surprises!

When you ask the universe for something it really does give it in mysterious ways.  While recording a special song on our album, our music producer Damon wanted something extra from us. Something he knew we could attain. Like magic the right person appeared. This week we are working with the most amazing woman called Kate, an experienced performer and vocal coach.  Not only has she enabled us to achieve exactly what we needed for this track but, yet another transaction of the soul has occurred.  We cannot believe how blessed we are on this journey. xxxxxKate Hicks -Beach Vocal Coach

March Gig Dates

Spring has sprung and we’re back on the road doing what we love most! Performing Live!

Its wonderful to be back gigging after what feels like a quieter period….even though we’ve been working behind the scenes, writing new songs and experiencing an intense time recording our next album. Our music producer, Damon is working magic! Exciting times ahead 🙂

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Love & Ethemia Hugs

Michaela & Berny xxxx

Photograph Courtesy of Eric Hobson Photography.

Ethemia Live on BBC Radio Gloucestershire 1st September 2015

We chatted to Dominic Cotter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire about our experience at performing at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival when we supported Paul Thompson ‘Floating to the Fringe Tour’. We chat about how this was one of our quirkiest gigs to date performing with a milk float 🙂

You can listen to our interview on BBC iplayer on the link.

.We are on 1hr 14 mins. Hope you enjoy the interview 🙂

Thank you BBC Radio Gloucestershire for having us on! A pleasure as always to chat to you.

Michaela & Berny xx